Below are a number of local companies with whom I work:

  • Masters Manufacturing – Manufacturers of bespoke promotional products.
  • English Cufflinks – Full range of cufflinks in silver and gold and one off pieces
  • Devon Metalcrafts – Specialists in non-ferrous casting using the lost wax process, Devon Metalcrafts create a range of fine Brass/Bronze castings for a wide variety of products.
  • Doverhay Forge – Home to James Horrobin, designer and creator of metalwork of great diversity, encompassing architectural, domestic, and sculptural objects.
  • Puzzle Museum – A source of information concerning mechanical puzzles and their history.
  • A World in MiniatureA collection of 1/12th scale miniatures
  • Eaton & Jones – Designer goldsmiths in Kent.
  • Nick Gutfreund – Fine Furniture Designer Maker
  • TenderCo – English made clothing and accessories